Green Sweater Girl – Visit USA

Last Month Green sweater Girl visit her favorite place USA. Yes, USA is the place which Green Sweater Girl like most and whenever she feel free then she going to spend her valuable time on USA’s most popular places. Green Sweater Girl & her friend Joy Lee spent last holiday in US. Green sweater girl always shares her pictures & some special moments across the web through this blog because according to her knowledge sharing is the best way to motivate others. And she also helps to other if anyone wants to go these places.

Green Sweater Girl Favorite Place Maui

Green Sweater Girl

Green Sweater Girl Favorite Place Yellowstone


Green Sweater Girl Favorite Place San Francisco


Green Sweater Girl’s Favorite Place New York City

Green-Sweater-Girl - New York City

Green Sweater Girl too much crazy for traveling to these places. New York is one of the best city according to Green Sweater Girl. She always read the article related to best travel places and also try to visit there. Her friends also called her a travel Girl.

You can also check out here to find some more images.

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New book coming soon …

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The Mighty Trolltunga

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on Stories of adventure:
This hike is categorised as an expert level hike on! Which I am not surprised at considering it was 22km long, with a 900-metre ascent, yes 900-metres! We had read online that it…

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Elagu Eesti – my Estonia

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Updates on my cut out back dress: how to machine sew a buttonhole

Oh Sew Vegan

I bought a vintage pattern for making a cut out back dress a while ago but I never had the chance to really use it. I hadn’t found the right fabric for the dress I had in mind (see my previous post with inspirations here).

When I did finally find fabric that I really liked, I didn’t hesitate to buy it online. The only issue was it was in quite see through printed chiffon fabric. With the cut out back dress, I would definitely need a lining, but I would also need to work out the logistics on how to hide the sewing on the seams.

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Book Review: Lights Out – Nate Southard


I read this book a couple of years back when it was published by Deadite Press. Sinister Gin Press have recently re-released it with some slick new cover art to boot and so I decided to read it again. I have so much stuff on my TBR that I don’t do re-reads very often, but I remember having a great time with this book when it was originally released and wondered if time had dulled my appreciation for it.

Spoiler alert…

‘Lights Out’ is a vampire novel. It’s a vampire novel that doesn’t pull any punches. These vamps don’t have the picture-perfect features, smooth skin or the six pack abs. These vamps pull back the head, slash the throat and drink until the body is dry. Evisceration  is the name of the game here, this is the sort of vampire novel I want to read. The novel has a lot…

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Festival Fun!


Well hello! As you lot know I spent the weekend at a festival in Dorset. It had a really cool vibe to it, and despite having to use mobile cubicle style showers I must admit I had a really good time. The food was incredible (I think I took several snaps of one pizza!) The weather was also perfect, which really makes a festival for me. The live music was really good, it kinda had a country and western sound to it which complimented the Dorset country fields. However, my favourite memory I’ll take away from the weekend is just sitting outside our tents, drinking and having a laugh. Anyway I thought I’d upload some of the pictures for you all!

Having a look at some of the unusual merchandise and other things on offer!

Off the shoulder top from New Look,Denim Shorts from River Islandand Sunglasses…

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